The benefits of a low sodium diet are becoming increasingly understood. High salt content food is becoming more prevalent and the narrative around the dangers of high sodium food is growing. Masafi Zero is part of the solution to a growing problem.

Masafi Zero gives peace of mind to families who are health conscious and appreciate that ‘every little helps’ in the overall desire for a healthy life style.


Masafi Zero is one less thing to worry about in the quest for family health, leaving you free to concentrate on the wider aspects of your families health and happiness.

0% Sodium

Sodium Free

Source From

Al Hajjar Mountain

300m Deep Earth water

Masafi quality Water

Single Serve

Masafi Zero 330ml x 12 x 2

Masafi Zero 500ml x 12 x 2

Multi Serve

Masafi Zero 1.5 Ltr S/W x 6 x 2
About Masafi

Water in a desert is the most precious treasure. Nature has been kind to us by blessing this great land with a perennial source of deep earth water. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to treat this blessing with great love and respect.

A group of people with vision and foresight took the lead to protect this treasure and bring this purest form of water to the people just the way nature meant it to be. And thus, Masafi was born.

To some it’s just a bottle of water. To others it’s a story of people dedicating their lives to protecting this stunning landscape and the sacred source of water flowing beneath it for years, so that generation after generation can quench their thirst with nature’s purest and best.


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